Attention to material, to the person and to detail. Garments and accessories made from raw materials produced with respect to slow organic growth, time for regeneration and low pollution production processes that protect biodiversity and people.


Workshop. Art and technique. Thought and process. Local production and high quality tailor made. Artisanally crafted transforming ideas and matter into clothing and accessories.
Reflection on the artwork and respect for the process and the time ittakes.


Pencil, thought, research. Shapes influenced by the environment and people.
Synthesis. Timeless styles. It is up to the Fashion Designer, the Artist,
to imagine how materials such as hemp, nettle, bamboo or raw silk could be used.


Exclusivity. Soft lines and light colors encourage a feeling of simplicity, peace, truthfulness, harmony and
beauty. A pleasant feeling. Free expression. A pause filled with silence and meditation. Taking the time to examine our own and other’s wellbeing.