A person experiences a forced loneliness that lasts a long time. He washes, dresses, eats, in a routine mechanically repeated every day, like a mantra. The bed, the books, the view of the stairwell and the window pane keep her company. Especially the thoughts. She stares at the parts of her body changing day after day. She falls into a kind of hypnotic numbness. Confused images in her mind begin to chase each other quickly, without apparent logic, without ligament syntagmas. The perceptions of heat, cold, sour, sweet, the sound of flowing water, accompany her, by spontaneous association, on a journey into her memory. Her soul is sucked into her memories, she loses the sense of reality and the present. She goes back to a past time, when she was surrounded by family affections, to long car journeys, to the taste of grandmother’s peaches, to sea rides. And then the teenage friendships, the summer parties, the bitter loves. She tries desperately to hold onto those feelings before they fade away. Then everything fades to fade, she washes her hands, goes back to bed. It is the journey of a mind left to wander in the labyrinth of her emotions, reminiscences, passions and inner conflicts, revealing her hidden intimacy. Her stream of consciousness: a collage of moments, a zigzag of situations, of faceless people, flashbacks barely mentioned, then immediately dissipated.


Alternative worlds, metaphysical planes and opposite realities. Mysterious universes floating in an unknown dimension. Immense spaces, boundless dunes, submerged and re-emerged worlds. Surreal landscapes touch each other, mirroring each other. Unsettling points of view, alienating settings, clear and infinite skies. Dizzying heights, very long shadows. Utopian narratives, on the edge of space and time. Post-apocalyptic scenarios, blinding lights, distant echoes, resounding silences. See-through layers on natural fabrics or bare skin. Rarefied materials, alternations of opaque and transparent, raw and velvety, shiny and wavy. Grooves as of geological stratification. Warm, ethereal and ephemeral shades combine with dazzling whites.


The barren terrain holds kernels of life awaitng regeneration. Rough clods. Like blankets, cover the sleeping seeds. Natural sheets envelop alive corpes on hold. Chucky, rough, corrugated materials. Knits resemble dry branches, tangled nests, frayed roots. The spirit of caducous, inconsistent, almost transparent leaves. Textures have finishes as wrinkled as dust, as intangibile as ash. The dull green of the mountains, the wet blue of a river bank, the dead land, the dull roots all make for waste atmospheres, foreboding rebirth.


Peace. Concentration, religious silence. Emptiness and calm pave the way for inner purification. Meditation as a search for profound harmony. Emotions are muted in order to listen to the movements of the soul. The absence of distractions leads to a peaceful, focused state.


Reality, devoid of the superflous, reveals its bare soul. Words ose their meaning, language is reduced to empty form. Objects are divested of any superstructures, complex figures become pure geometry. Simplify more than construct, pare downto the bone, show the essence, the core of everything. Garments defined by few, simple lines reveal a lean elegance, free from useless details.


Eco Capsule Bio Collection

First Concept Collection: a fuss-free aesthetic defines a style that is not aseptic but, on the contrary, deeply emotional.

100% Hemp
100% Bamboo
100% Nettle
100% “Burette” Indian Pure Silk
100% “Satin” Pure Silk
100% Handmade in Italy