Bio Collection Autumn Winter 2017/2018

The barren terrain holds kernels of life awaitng regeneration. Rough clods. Like blankets, cover the sleeping seeds. Natural sheets envelop alive corpes on hold. Chucky, rough, corrugated materials. Knits resemble dry branches, tangled nests, frayed roots. The spirit of caducous, inconsistent, almost transparent leaves. Textures have finishes as wrinkled as dust, as intangibile as ash. The dull green of the mountains, the wet blue of a river bank, the dead land, the dull roots all make for waste atmospheres, foreboding rebirth.

Bio Collection Spring Summer 2017

Peace. Concentration, religious silence. Emptiness and calm pave the way for inner purification. Meditation as a search for profound harmony. Emotions are muted in order to listen to the movements of the soul. The absence of distractions leads to a peaceful, focused state.

Bio Collection Autumn Winter 2015/2016

Reality, devoid of the superflous, reveals its bare soul. Words ose their meaning, language is reduced to empty form. Objects are divested of any superstructures, complex figures become pure geometry. Simplify more than construct, pare downto the bone, show the essence, the core of everything. Garments defined by few, simple lines reveal a lean elegance, free from useless details.

EcoCapsule BioCollection Spring Summer 2015

First Concept Collection: a fuss-free aesthetic defines a style that is not aseptic but, on the contrary, deeply emotional.

100% Hemp
100% Bamboo
100% Nettle
100% “Burette” Indian Pure Silk
100% “Satin” Pure Silk
100% Handmade in Italy